OKLAHOMA CITY – An apartment complex under construction in Edmond was engulfed in flames Tuesday night.

Firefighters have knocked out the fire, but will remain on the scene to put out hot spots at the Enclave Apartments.

The four-story complex is located near Covell Road and Kelly Avenue. The fire started Monday evening at about 6 p.m. and quickly spread, engulfing all 148 units of the complex.

Mitch Park, across from the complex, was evacuated due to smoke and windy conditions blowing embers. All games for the rest of the night at Mitch Park were canceled.

Firefighters struggled with windy conditions, gusting up to 30 mph. Edmond fire crews were assisted by the Oklahoma City Fire Department.

Some small grass fires were started just north of the blaze. The windy conditions caused embers to fly up to one mile north of the massive blaze, causing concern for some residents.

A portion of the building completely collapsed early in the evening, and most of the roof burned off.

The cause of the fire is unknown. Fire officials have started an investigation to determine the cause of the blaze.

No fire-related injuries were reported, but Edmond Public Information Officer Glynda Chu said two children were hit by cars due to heavy traffic and taken to Presbyterian Hospital with head injuries. According to Chu, 6-year-old Anncia Dotson and 7-year-old LaShay Patterson were both in serious condition Monday night, but were released from the hospital Tuesday afternoon. Chu said no citations were issued and that there was nothing the driver could have done to prevent the accident according to the traffic officer on the scene.

Edmond Assistant Fire Chief Tim Wheeler said the apartment complex was vacant, and under construction. Around 20 people were working on the building at the time, but they were able to evacuate safely.

Police and emergency crews asked residents to avoid the area, but many came out to watch firefighters, saying it was the biggest fire they had ever seen.