By Gan Matthews, NEWS 9

MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma -- Identify theft has become a popular crime and criminals are now using the latest technology to create bogus checks. However, police are counting on a different kind of technology as a crime fighting tool.

An Oklahoma City woman had her purse and her identification stolen at a Buy-4-Less. Then, a man from Kansas had his checkbook stolen at an IHOP in Midwest City.

The thieves then went to Sam's Club in Midwest City and opened an account.

"They used the checks from the gentleman from Kansas and the stolen identity from the woman from Buy-4-Less and wrote several checks," said Sgt. Lacky Harkins, Midwest City Detective.

But police caught a break when two of the people involved in the scam were caught on the Sam's security camera as they left the store.

That sort of elaborate, sophisticated ID theft is becoming more common because computer technology is enabling the crooks. However, video technology may enable the police to capture them.

The women were last seen driving a Jaguar.

If you can identify the women from the surveillance photos, call Midwest City Police at 405-739-1388.