By Dave Jordan, NEWS 9

NORMAN, Oklahoma -- A Norman man's alleged scheme of stealing a high priced ultrasound machine and trying to sell it on eBay for thousands of dollars did not go quite as planned.

Police received a call back in July alleging that an ultrasound machine was stolen from a Norman man's car.

Four weeks later, it turned up on eBay and was purchased by a California doctor for $12,000. Through serial numbers and online contact information, police traced the sale to the home of 21-year-old Jeremy Gail.

Justin Taylor and his girlfriend lived with Gail in a house on Cockrel Avenue in Norman. Once he learned about Gail's alleged involvement with stolen property he moved out, but not before police questioned him in connection with this crime.

"They took my computer. They took my camera with all his pictures on it, my iPod, my niece and nephew's iPod," Taylor said.

Police also interviewed the new tenants of this house.

"They were looking for him and other things I'm assuming because they started looking at our stuff, and I guess they assume it was stolen," said Clint Alcantar, Gail's former acquaintance.

Alcantar and his wife moved in on Tuesday, October 6, just hours, they said, before Gail moved back to Arizona.

"He was already out and getting ready to go. He had a flight to go on," Alcantar said.

Two days later, prosecutors charged Gail with three felony counts in connection with the theft. A warrant has been issued for Gail's arrest

According to a probable cause affidavit, Gail told police he received the ultrasound machine from a neighbor and then put it up for sale.

Police were able to stop the sale before any money changed hands.

If convicted Gail could face up to 17 years in prison.