By Colleen Chen, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper on leave for the second time this year for excessive force complaints, justified his actions of hitting a man with his baton in newly released incidents reports.

Kristopher Douglas accused Trooper Daniel Martin of using excessive force last Saturday in Holdenville.

"He started beating on me with a nightstick and the other officer jumped on my back and put a knee in my back and I was getting hit with a nightstick," Douglas said earlier this week regarding the incident.

So far, neither Trooper Martin nor his attorney have told their side of story, but the incident reports give more details of what might have happened last Saturday night.

The documents stated Kristopher Douglas was never the target. Instead, he was a bystander to a traffic stop that occurred in his friend's Holdenville driveway. However, pages of reports from OHP said Douglas wasn't an innocent bystander, but an unruly one.

Trooper Martin state in the report, "due to the fact that Douglas appeared that he took a fighting stance, blading himself, and consistently disobeying order (4 requests to move back away from the scene), Trooper Martin retrieved his expandable baton out of its sheath and expanded it."

The report indicated this happened after another Trooper, Tommy Allen, had already attempted to move Douglas away from the scene by grabbing his wrist.

Martin's report said that after Douglas resisted arrest, he "delivered one baton strike to Douglas' left thigh in order for him to comply with commands."

Both Allen's and Martin's reports indicated Douglas was "sweating", "clenching his teeth", and "appeared to be under the influence of some type of drug".

Both troopers wrote those things, coupled with "the size of Douglas (over 6 feet tall, approximately 300 pounds), heightened the concern for officer safety."

Towards the end of Martin's report, he wrote that Douglas told him that he realized "he made a mistake and should have listened to the commands to step back."

Douglas' attorney said Trooper Martin's reports are not to be trusted since his written report on the paramedic choking case was discounted by video. He said he plans to "have Trooper Martin's badge."

Trooper Martin and Trooper Allen are both on paid leave pending an investigation.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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