By Dave Jordan, NEWS 9

HOLDENVILLE, Oklahoma -- An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper suspended for a fight with a paramedic in May is on paid administrative leave again after being accused of using excessive force.

This is the second time in five months that Trooper Daniel Martin has been placed on paid administrative leave. Martin was suspended earlier this year after cell phone video surfaced showing the trooper chocking a paramedic.

During his suspension in July, Trooper Martin was forced to undergo counseling for anger management, but a Holdenville man said that anger was on display once again.

Martin's latest scuffle involves a Holdenville man, Kristopher Douglas. Douglas said he was on his friend's property helping with renovations Saturday when troopers pulled up apparently working a traffic violation in Holdenville.

Douglas said he was making his way inside when Martin demanded he move away from his friend's home and come towards the street.

"I said 'Why can't I go inside and be safe,' and he said 'Go to the street.' So I turned around, and next thing I know that officer grabbed my arm and curl up like this while he's beating me," Douglas said.

Douglas said he was never given an explanation and was cited for obstruction.

At the same time, another Trooper was detaining Lucas Carson claiming he ran a stop sign.

Carson said he did not run the stop sign, but said he did witness the incident between Douglas and Trooper Martin.

"He said, 'We're giving you a citation and we're taking that other guy to jail,' and I said, 'Why are you taking that other guy to jail for?' And he said, 'Obstruction of police business,'" Carson said.

Jerry Ford, who owns the house where the incident occurred, also witnessed the altercation and said he thinks Martin lost his temper.

"When he approached me, he approached me with his chest out and just looked like he was ready to fight," Ford said.

Martin and Trooper Tommy Allen are now on paid administrative leave, pending this new investigation.

"That'll give the department time to pull that stuff together, conduct an investigation and determine what cause of action will be required," said Oklahoma Highway Patrol Capt. Chris West.

Douglas sought treatment from a local hospital for his bruises from Saturday's altercation.

"They used too much force and I was complying with them, and they didn't have no reason to do this to me," Douglas said.

Khristopher Douglas is slated to appear in court this Tuesday and said he is considering filing a lawsuit.

OHP officials said they are reviewing video from Saturday's incident. Once the investigation is complete, the video will be made public.