MIDWEST CITY -- Oklahoma's unemployment is nearing 7 percent, but there are jobs waiting to be filled in the Oklahoma City metro area.

Tinker Air Force Base is one of the places looking to hire.

David Burnett with the Midwest City Chamber of Commerce said federal government jobs are in high demand and Tinker Air Force Base is no different, which is a reason he's hosting a job fair that will put hundreds of their jobs on display.

"Right now we have a big bubble that we're trying to ramp up to that capacity" said Col. Randy Burke, Director of Plans and Programs.

This increase in capacity has Tinker rushing to find people to fill positions that range from  mechanical workers to painters.

The increase in the number of employees has even caught the base by surprise.

The job fair will be next Tuesday, September 29, at the Reed Center in Midwest City.

 As many as 30 other employers besides Tinker will be at the job fair.