By Jon Jordan, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Millions of dollars will be used to upgrade the outdated, aging Oklahoma State Fairgrounds with the approval of MAPS 3.

Taking care of the aging buildings at the fairgrounds is an around the clock job. State fair officials said leaky roofs have caused many problems for fairground maintenance.

Helen Mehler, one of the supervisors for the Arts and Crafts building, said crews can try brushing the water off the roofs but stopping the leaks in many cases is impossible, and in areas such as the Juniors talent section, things are being ruined.

"These kids have earned the right to showcase there talents and that's what there doing here, and lots of times they do get rained on," Mehler said.

Booth owners are also keeping a close eye on the roofs inside the older buildings.

"It does concern me. I was concerned everything was going to get wet," said a booth owner at this year's state fair.

Leaky roofs are just one of the reason Oklahoma State Fair officials said they would like to see some of the aging buildings consolidated for a new more than 400,000 square foot exposition hall as part of the city's MAPS 3 proposal. Another reason is economical.

"It would give us the capacity to put us on the radar and grow our existing business, but also put us on the radar nationally for shows that were not annually considered for," said Oklahoma State Fair President Tim O'Toole.

O'Toole said the $60 million renovations are necessary, because the current buildings just aren't cutting it.

"If you were to do it today in today's world, you would not build that building like you would today," O'Toole said.

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