Talk about a flip-flop. If you read or listen to the media and fans as late as dinner time on September 5th, OU and OSU were both serious candidates to play in the BCS title game.

Only eight days later, many of those same espousers have given up on their seasons. Their heroes have turned into goats. Coaches can't coach and players can't play.

The hue and cry from the Fourth Estate and the Sooner Nation went from Sam Bradford throwing to Jermaine Gresham en route to coasting to being unbeaten before beating Texas, OSU, the Big 12 title game and rolling on to Pasadena for another title shot.

The hue and cry from the Fourth Estate and Cowboy Country went from Zac Robinson, Kendall Hunter, Dez Bryant and new DC Bill Young steamrolling to a perfect season and meeting OU in Norman for all the butter. The ardent ones predicted a win there, in Jerry's Place in the Big 12 title game and a trip where no OSU has never traveled.

The Crimson Creamers see the ultimate nightmare come to fruition: Gresham is out for the year, when or whether Bradford returns looms like a grey cloud and the play-caller needs a new vocation.

The Orange Peelers see their dreams open in perfect fashion, but then lose and are questioning their QB, are in depression about their defense and are singing the old familiar tune of wait till next year.

The truth is three-fold: One let the season play out before confirming those therapy sessions: Two, both teams appear to have been overrated; Three, the media and fans should learn that once again we've seen too many premature headlines of greatness, then too many headlines of woefulness.

History shows that in sports, political controversy and plain old arguments, the truth often lies somewhere in the middle.