Staff and Wire Reports

BETHANY, Oklahoma - One of the formerly conjoined twins born last October in Oklahoma City is expected to go home.

Officials say Kylee Hope Wells is to go home to Calumet Wednesday after nearly a year under medical care. She's spent more than four months at The Children's Center in Bethany. She has three teeth, weighs twenty-two pounds, and can say "momma." And finally Kylee Wells is going to her own home and to her own room.

"She's done very well during her time here," Pediatrician Dr. Laura Shamblin said. "She hasn't had any major illnesses or anything. She's come a long way as far as getting off her vapotherum that she was on to regular oxygen."

And Kylee has developed a distinctive personality.

"She has an attitude lie a teenager now," Kylee's mother Stevie Wells said. "She is very good at tell you 'no.' She's not good at hiding her emotions."

Kylee's homecoming from the Children's Center is a bittersweet occasion. That's because her twin sister Preslee is still at Children's Hospital, and it's not known how much longer she will have to stay there.

Wells was briefly overcome as she thought of her other daughter. But she has high hopes Preslee will also come home someday.

"She's doing really good," Wells said. "She's on a trach tube now, so it's been a little easier to wean her off of oxygen and stuff. She's doing really, really well though."

For now it's enough that Kylee is coming home, and the Wells can feel more like a family again.

The girls are believed to be the first American Indian conjoined twins.

Both girls will need surgery in about a year to rebuild their sternums.