By Rusty Surette, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A man who has threatened to "turn Oklahoma City upside down" is once again in trouble with the law.

Dennis Jackson was taken into custody earlier this year after he was caught suspiciously circling the federal building in downtown and the Oklahoma City National Memorial.

The Oklahoma City bomb squad blew up the camper on his truck fearing there was a bomb inside. After the city refused to pay for those damages, Jackson threatened to come back to Oklahoma and be a bigger problem for authorities.

Recently Jackson handed over more than 1,000 photographs to a small church in Georgia, who gave them to NEWS 9 out of concern. The photos contain bizarre images of weapons, graveyards and landmarks in Oklahoma.

Bizarre Images Taken by Dennis Jackson
The photos also include religious ramblings and handwritten letters to former President George W. Bush. One photo shows an alarming message, "a bloody road ahead." Another shows the Cherokee Nation seal, and another shows a package to the Secret Service with a cassette tape labeled "the stakes just got higher."

His strange behavior in Oklahoma and in other states has already landed Jackson on a federal watch list and a warrant for his arrest in Oklahoma City. The 48-year-old has also been banned from a number of churches in Oklahoma and from all federal buildings in his home state of Tennessee.

"Yeah, this is consistent. You know he says he's proved part of our government here in the United States has gone mad," said Dr. Howard Kurtz, Oklahoma City University.

Kurtz examined the photos and gave his thoughts on the images that include several snap shots of the Oklahoma City National Memorial and the federal building.

"He's probably hoping for something to happen, some big event to change the world or bring the world to an end," Kurtz said.

As Kurtz scanned the photos he said he noticed a reoccurring theme with swords including Jackson's own sword. Kurtz said Jackson may see himself as a warrior of sorts waiting to do the work of whomever or whatever he looks up to.

"I think that coupled with the fact he's made threats against police officers and people's lives, he's someone we need to take seriously. He poses a danger to us," Kurtz said.

Although Jackson acted suspicious, in the past Oklahoma City Police were never able to arrest him because he never broke any laws, but that's no longer the case. If Jackson returns to Oklahoma, police said they will arrest him for the recent threats he's made.

Police said if you see Jackson to call 911 immediately.

The Oklahoma City Police Department said it may use the images to help their investigation and case against Jackson.

Prosecutors charged Jackson with one misdemeanor count of making intimidating, threatening or harassing phone calls. In September 2012, that charge was dismissed at the request of the state.

Jackson denies all wrongdoing.

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