By Melissa Maynarich, NEWS 9

EDMOND, Oklahoma -- At a local dance studio, young girls and boy are not just learning the basics of dance, they're learning the basics of life.

For many of the ladies practicing at Kim Massay Dance Productions in Edmond, their dances are about more than just steps.

"You can have the hardest day in the world. You could be going through the hardest part of your life. You come in, you dance it of," said Kim Massay, owner of Kim Massay Dance Productions.

The moves, are 'leading' them through life, and Massay has been providing the rhythm and the room for 30 years.

"You have people that you start with and they are here all the time. So you get to know their parents and you become good friends with their parents, and then you become good friends with the students that you are teaching," Massay said.

Many former students have come back to the studio to look back over the times that shaped their young lives and to thank the woman who influenced their success on and off the dance floor.

"She really was like another mother to me. We traveled and she took care of us and had slumber parties and swimming parties," said Brittany Hogue, one of Massay's former students.

Massay with her family and fellow teachers have been making a difference in Oklahoman's lives with each beat.

"It really instills a sense of self-confidence and a security and um, able to speak in front of people and be comfortable as the center of attention because that's a big part of being a performer," said Ashley Davis, one of Massay's former students.

Massay said the lessons learned on the dance floor are something dancers can carry with them through the rest of their lives.

"You're learning, if you even went out on a job interview, how to present yourself. It instills confidence and your posture and you're not shy. You're outgoing," Massay

Now, the performers of the next generation are starting out by learning the basics, step by step, and soon the steps may signify much, much more.