By Charles Bassett, NEWS 9

EDMOND, Oklahoma -- A metro intersection is becoming a haven for thieves. Several people have reported being robbed shortly after leaving their cars. The area the thieves are targeting may surprise you.

The intersection of Memorial Road and Kelley Avenue is a very busy intersection. There are several car dealerships there, along with one of the metro's largest cemeteries.

"There were glass shards here and along here that were still in the actual window," said Meg Ormiston.

Meg Ormiston is describing how her car window looked after being broken out in a smash-and-grab robbery over the weekend. At the time, Ormiston was at the Bob Howard Nissan dealership looking at cars.

"After about 10 minutes, I went ahead and returned to my car and realized that my car had been broken into. And they had taken my purse which was underneath the front seat," Ormiston said.

NEWS 9 spoke to business owners in the area and they said this is common.

The manager of Memorial Park Cemetery, which is right behind the dealerships, said people there visiting the cemetery have also reported having their cars broken into.

"Having it be a Sunday, when the dealership was not open, I didn't even think about the necessity of carrying my purse on me," Ormiston said.

Police say this is a mistake people often make.

"We see these things happen at parking lots. We see them happen at amusement parks, like Frontier City or White Water. We see them happen in cemeteries," said Oklahoma City Capt. Gary Knight said.

Police say the thieves may have even noticed Ormiston wasn't carrying her purse and assumed it was inside the car.

"So either take your valuables with you or lock them away out of sight," Capt. Knight said.

Advice that's a little too late for Orminston, but she gets the message.

"Had I been the wiser, I would had someone with me and been a little bit smarter about where I left my purse," said Ormiston.

There were no security cameras at the car dealership to identify the thieves, but if you have any information that can help, call the police.