EDMOND, Oklahoma -- School construction has some metro teachers putting in overtime, even before school begins. While the students may be ready, Edmond middle school teachers are now in a last-minute dash to make sure they're prepared as well.

At Summit and Sequoyah middle schools in Edmond, school renovations have teachers working last minute to get things in place.

"We have a lot of remodeling going on in our building and so every second of every minute is important to get ready for the children," said teacher Olivia Daniels.

"I have been here since Monday for about 10 hours every day," said Megan Bailey, an Edmond middle school teacher.

Over the summer, the school district added on new classrooms and, in some cases, renovated old ones.

"They put a new wall in over here and a new floor in my room so everything I had, had to be put in this storage room," said middle school teacher Drew Ackerman.

So teachers have spent the past few days unpacking, reorganizing and reestablishing the classroom setting.

"We have just so much stuff to do that we haven't even gotten to the paperwork that we need to do for the beginning of school like lesson plans," said Susan Dibrell, an Edmond middle school teacher.

But the teachers said they will be ready to go on the first day of school so parents or students don't need to worry.

For the students returning, these renovations mean they'll be learning in new technology rooms, new science labs, new art rooms and media centers.

"Oh, I love it. It's wonderful," said teacher Tanya Williams. "It's nice to have a fresh new classroom. I'm excited."

The first day of school for Edmond students is Tuesday. As for the rest of the state's students, most of them will start this week.