JONES, Oklahoma -- School officials have reported another burglary at Jones High School, 304 Hawaii Street.

Police Sergeant Joe Bradley says thieves broke into the school's computer lab Wednesday morning. Several laptops worth at least $4,000 were stolen, police said. The school is currently being rebuilt after a fire gutted the building in December 2007.

"[We're] tired of the gravel, tired of the mud, [we're] tired of working in portable buildings... and it's just one more thing that frustrates you as you go through the year," said Principal Carl Johnson.

This is the second break-in since the school burned down during a December 2007 ice storm.

Thieves recently stole computers valued at $5,000, police said.

"That's why we believe between the way they entered the building and the area, it's the same person... or people," Sgt. Bradley said.

The school district, Jones Police Department and members of the Fraternal Order of Police are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

The Jones Police Department welcomes tips by phone at 405-399-2255.