By Colleen Chen, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Record crowds are turning out to lawmakers' town hall meetings across Oklahoma.

Mary Fallin had to host two meeting last night and this morning Senator Tom Coburn had to move his meeting to a larger venue because of the crowd. Coburn also relocated his town hall meeting scheduled in Jenks this evening in anticipation of another large crowd. Click here for coverage of Coburn's meeting today.

So many people showed up that Representative Fallin had to lead a second town hall meeting after the first. Both were standing room only. Both had at least 500 people. Both were packed with opinions.

"For that person who is working everyday who is not poor by standards who doesn't qualify for Medicare, what is your plan for that person who has no money to buy health insurance?" one attendee said.

Dr. Madhat Michael asked what the crowd wondered, questioning the ability for private insurance to keep up with a government system.

"You said you want to keep your health plan, you want to keep your doctor, how are we going to do that?" Dr. Michael said.

While many rose to make statements, plenty others rose to ask more questions. Many of which were not answered, but the reason is simple.

A draft of the reform bill sits at about eight pounds and Fallin says the key word is "draft."

"It's a bit too soon, we have not even had this bill on the floor of the House of Representatives yet, it's just been in committee; it will actually change a lot between now and then," Fallin said.

But for the crowd, concrete answers can't come soon enough.

"I'm sorry I'm in the front lines seeing the agony of every person every day, it has nothing to do with Republican, Democrats or liberal, fair is fair, right is right, America is America," an attendee said.

Most of the people in attendance are not in support of the current draft. Fallin says she plans on taking the concerns she heard to Washington as bills on health care reform continue to take shape and change.