5 oz Chicken breast boned & skinned
4 oz Pork Tenderloin cleaned
½ oz Alamo zestful seasoning
¼ oz Freash ground black pepper

1 cup Heavy cream heated & divided in two
½ large green bell pepper (pureed)
½ large red bell pepper (pureed)
½ tsp chicken base
¼ oz salt
¼ oz fresh ground black pepper

¼ cup small diced zucchini
¼ cup small diced carrots
¼ cup small diced yellow squash
3 oz whole butter
Pinch granulated garlic
Pinch herbs de provence

Striped Potatoes:
1 small sweet potato
1 small russet potato
1 oz whole butter
1 oz salt


1. Pan sear pork tenderloin till medium rare. Remove from heat and cool.
2. Place chicken breast smooth side down and cover with film wrap and pound to ¼ inch thickness with mallet. Remove film and season with pepper and Alamo seasoning.
3. Place pork tender in center of chicken breast and roll it tightly with the seam side down.
4. Bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. Remove from oven and let rest for another 20 minutes.
5. Slice ½ inch diagonally and place three slices on the sauce.

1. Heat 1 cup of heavy cream divided into two small sauce pans with cooked green pepper pureed in one pan and cooked pureed red pepper in the second pan.
2. Add ¼ tsp chicken base in each pan, season with salt and pepper as needed.

1. Dice all vegetables small and sauté in butter.
3. Season with the herbs, garlic, salt and pepper to taste.

1. Peel and cut potatoes in small chunks and boil sweet and russet potatoes separately until soft.
2. Mash and season each to taste. Layer the mashed sweet and russet potatoes in a mold one ¼ inch thickness alternating. When you remove the mold, it will have a striped potato.
3. Assemble three slices of pork tenderloin on colorful sauce, diced vegetables and a three layer striped potatoes on a large plate.
4. Garnish with your choice of sprigs of parsley and slice of lemon or lime.