By Charles Bassett, NEWS 9

EDMOND, Oklahoma -- Edmond public schools are beefing up security around its high schools. Administrators want to control who comes and goes from the campuses during the school day.

So they're adding security fencing around their three high schools.

The district says there was never a security threat, but they just need to control traffic on the campuses.

Construction crews are busy installing six-foot high metal fences braced with brick columns around Edmond North, Edmond Santa Fe and Edmond Memorial High Schools.

The high schools are all large buildings that house more than 2,000 students each. The district says it can be difficult at times to keep track of everyone with all the entry ways and exits. So they're taking the approach of securing the school from the outside in by controlling who comes on campus.

One parent had apprehensions when she first saw the fence.

"At first they were putting up the bricks at first and you were wondering what was going to happen and what it was going to look like and what it was going to be," Edmond Memorial High School parent Danielle Waldo said.

But now that she sees the end result she's satisfied with what the school is doing.

"The fence is very nice-looking and I think if it's going to keep our kids safe then it's a good thing," Waldo said.

And school resumes for Edmond Students on August 18.