By Colleen Chen, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A 16-year-old's world was turned upside down by a car accident that left her partially paralyzed. Now she's coming home, and that has her parents scrambling to make sure everything is ready.

Kristin Rogers of Alex damaged her spinal cord after she got in a car accident.

"I flipped, went airborne, and I was a wake. I was on my way to work, driving too fast, and texting one of my friends. People need to know not to take those risks. It's not worth it," Kristin said.

She said she hopes other drivers, especially teens, realize how dangerous speeding and texting are.

The accident happened on a curvy stretch of road in Alex where numerous people have had wrecks before.

Now because of Kristin's injuries, her home has to be renovated. Her dad, Randal Rogers, is working on the project alone and Kristin is set to come home on August 18. That deadline is overwhelming to her dad who doesn't know how he's going to get the renovations done in time.

"She's the kind of girl every dad wants. The one that's done everything right. She was on all the honor rolls. I'm working full time and can't take time off. My wife is only working two days a week now so she can stay with Kristin at the hospital. Anytime I get off work is spent working on this extra room for my daughter. I want to build a handicap accessible bathroom and therapy room for her," Randal said.

Kristin said she feels guilty for making one mistake that has changed her family's life forever.

"I told my mom one time, I was sorry. I wish I wasn't such a burden. Of course she said I wasn't and not to say that because it's not true. But, I know it's taken its toll on my parents," Kristin.

Along with Kristin, her mom Marla Rogers wants to warn drivers not to make the same mistake.

"Don't text while driving, don't talk while driving on the phone, don't speed, all those things every parent tells their child. We never thought this was happen. It's unimaginable. Never take them for granted because in an instant they could be gone. Just love them with all your heart and be there for them if they do mess up because they definitely need you then to be strong," Marla said. 

Kristin and her family are of strong faith and believe she will walk again. Doctors said it's a definite possibility because Kristin's spinal cord was only damaged, not severed.

The Rogers family needs all the help and support it can get with the renovations of their home, especially since caring for Kristin makes them unable to work as much.

There is a fund set up for Kristin at the First National Bank of Chickasha.

If you are unable to get to the banks in that network, NEWS 9 will take donations and get them to the Rogers family.

Make checks out to Marla and Randal Rogers and mail them:
Attention: Colleen Chen
7401 N. Kelley Oklahoma City, OK 73111