OKLAHOMA CITY - NEWS 9 has filed a motion to allow cameras in the courtroom for the murder trial of an Oklahoma City pharmacist charged with killing a would-be robber.

The motion was filed Tuesday afternoon. NEWS 9 was joined by statewide partner and fellow Griffin Communications company, The News On 6 in Tulsa, and Oklahoma City station KFOR in requesting permission to televise the trial of Jerome Ersland.

Ersland, 57, is charged with first-degree murder charge after shooting at two would-be robbers on May 19 at a south Oklahoma City pharmacy. Prosecutors say Ersland exceeded his legal authority to defend himself by shooting 16-year-old Antwun Parker five times after his first shot rendered the teen unconscious.

"This is a story that carries with it an enormous amount of public interest," NEWS 9 P.M. Content Director Jenny Monroe said. "It is our job as journalists to serve the public and do whatever possible to provide the information to the people of Oklahoma. We believe allowing Oklahomans to see firsthand what is being said and decided in this case is in the best interest of everyone."

Judge Tammy Bass-LeSure is presiding over Ersland's proceedings and will decide if cameras are allowed in the courtroom.