By Charles Bassett, NEWS 9

SEMINOLE, Oklahoma -- A woman who lived across the street from the scene of a deadly shooting in Seminole was caught in the cross-fire.

Jennifer Bowen, 22, survived the shooting and is recovering at OU Medical Center.

Bowen is in serious condition but is expected to make a full recovery. Her family is counting their blessings that the incident didn't turn out worse.

Bowen is married and the mother of two young children. She was returning home from shopping with her 1-year-old and 3-year-old daughters when she was struck by two bullets.

"He opened fire...a bullet entered her left arm. It went completely through, out her right side. The second shot went in the left arm, bypassed her heart and it's still inside," said Terry Bowen, Jennifer's brother-in-law.

The family lives almost directly across the street from where the shooting that killed two Seminole County Sheriff's deputies took place.

Terry Bowen said he was in the rear of the home working on his car with his brother when they heard the gunfire.

"Until she was hit, we didn't know he was even shooting a gun over there," Terry said.

Terry said they thought it was fireworks, then he saw Jennifer bleeding.

"By that time she hollered 'Oh!' She stumbled back, dropped her bag, my brother ran over there to see what was wrong with her. She stumbled on back past him, fell out of her flip flops and I guess caught the ground," Terry said.

A police officer showed up and called for an ambulance. The family is thankful none of the kids were hit. The front porch of the Bowen's home is riddled with bullet holes from the shooting.

The family said they are happy the gunman, Ezekiel Holbert, is out of the neighborhood.

"But killing two cops...he needs to be locked up. They need to do away with him," Terry said.

Terry Bowen said they had seen the suspect a few times at his mother's house, but didn't know him.

Although Jennifer still has a bullet lodged in her body, the family said the doctors don't believe she's in any danger and surgery may not be necessary.

A fund for Jennifer's medical expenses has been set up at the First United Bank of Seminole.