By Jennifer Pierce, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- An electronic ticketing system is saving some Oklahoma police departments money, time and possibly lives.

It's called the digiTICKET, an electronic ticketing device used during traffic stops. It eliminates pen and paper and the amount of time officers are in harm's way.

The latest crime fighting tools were found at the Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police Conference, and the digiTICKET booth drew a lot of attention.

"Writing a ticket is going to be cut down in really two to five minutes," said Shawn Sicking with Anywhere Mobile Solutions.

The handheld device replaces the written ticket. With one quick scan, the officer has the driver's information.

"The information from the driver's license automatically drops into the application," Sicking said.

The information is then sent to the court system.

The Sand Springs Police Department in northeast Oklahoma is the first agency to use the mobile computer. It's saving the department time and money.

"Municipalities are trying to cut expenses anyway they can and become more efficient. That's truly what this is about," Sicking said.

But it's not just about efficiency, and it's also about safety for the officers.

"It is a dangerous situation that they are out there every day and being exposed, and sometimes very vulnerable," said Edmond Police Chief Bob Ricks.

In 2008, the leading cause of death among U.S. police officers was being struck by a vehicle.

"I unfortunately had to go to a number of funerals for troopers when I was commissioner of the highway patrol," Chief Ricks said.

Now, the Edmond Police Chief is eyeing the system for his officers. It could be a couple years before Edmond makes the investment, but it's one Chief Ricks said may be worth the money.

"The quicker the stop can be handled, it is better for the officer and better for the public," said the Edmond Police Chief.

The digiTICKET developers are talking to metro police departments and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, so more departments across the state could be using the device.

Besides Sand Springs, Krebs and Talala police departments are now using the e-ticketing system.