By Gan Matthews, NEWS 9

WYNNEWOOD, Oklahoma - The death of a Wynnewood man has been ruled a suicide, but some people believe it was a homicide and want the truth uncovered.

The death of a 65-year-old Tom Horton last December appeared to be a closed case, but Horton's family and friends said they are not satisfied with the official verdict.

The Medical Examiner ruled that Horton killed himself with a shotgun blast to the chest.
But family friend Shannon Kile said he doesn't believe it, so he's helping to circulate a petition calling for a Grand Jury investigation into Horton's death.

Wynnewood resident Donna Love said she signed the petition in hopes to uncover the truth.

"We really liked Tom and didn't realize that there was a question about what happened," Love said

Horton's family said the physical evidence makes suicide unlikely and a handwriting expert has discredited an alleged suicide note at the scene.

"She came to the conclusion that she was 100 percent certain that he did not write the note," Shannon Kile said.

Petition sponsors said they have a good idea how Horton really died.

"We feel 100 percent certain that we have identified the suspect, the motive, means and opportunity," Kile said.

On Saturday the petition will be available to sign at Wynnewood's Landmark Bank. Backers must collect at least 500 valid signatures by the end of August if they want a further investigation into what they call the "suspicious death" of Tom Horton.

Wynnewood police investigated Horton's death. Police Chief Ken Moore said the investigation was conducted in a thorough manner with the assistance of the OSBI. Moore said he has no doubt the Medical Examiner's conclusions are correct.