ADA, Oklahoma -- The trial continued Tuesday for an Ada woman charged with killing her ex-husband 29 years ago.

Judie Hansen is accused of fatally shooting her ex-husband, William Boudrie in 1980.

The case went cold until 2008 when the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation reopened the case.

Boudrie and Hansen divorced in 1979 but were still living together. The following year, it appeared Boudrie was moving on.

Tuesday morning, Betty Noble testified she was dating Boudrie at the time of his death. She said she was at his home in 1980 when Hansen called.

"One evening she was at her house. She overheard a comment where she heard Mr. Boudrie say, ‘I found what I want,'" said Pontotoc County District Attorney Chris Ross.

Noble testified that during the call Hansen "told him she would kill him before she would give him up." Noble said that was one of the last times she saw Boudrie alive.

Boudrie been dead several weeks when his body was found in Pickett, Oklahoma by a student on a field trip, according to newspaper reports.

He had been shot twice in the head. Tom Jordan examined the bullets back then.

"I basically testified today to the caliber 22 caliber rifle, 22 caliber long rifle high velocity rounds," said Tom Jordan, OSBI Deputy Director.

Sheila Hazlett was just 15-years-old when her stepfather was found. She testified she couldn't remember some details including whether her boyfriend at the time, helped her mother buy the gun. When Boudrie disappeared, she told the jury, her mother was depressed, not talkative and that Boudrie had left her mother.

"It makes it difficult. Everybody is trying to remember what happened between now and 30 years ago. They have to look at their records and reports, that were written," Ross said.

Hansen's former brother-in-law is scheduled to testify against her Wednesday. He contacted the OSBI two years ago and asked that the case be reopened.

The jury is supposed to listen to the wire-taped phone conversations between Hansen and her sister in court Thursday. 

It's unclear if Hansen will take the stand. Her attorney said he's unable to make any comments until the trial is over.