By Rusty Surette, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Thunder fans said Seattle needs to "get over it."

It's been one year since Oklahoma City learned it was finally getting an NBA franchise, but Sonic fans in Seattle are still bitter about the deal.

"We're the best and you need to stop being such a cry baby about it," said Oklahoma City resident and Thunder fan Sarah Brown. "We're doing okay and you need to get a new team."

Brown and many more Thunder fans are reacting to an interview a NEWS 9 reporter did with a Seattle TV station this week. During the exchange, a KONG-TV news anchor, Carolyn Douglas said the Thunder franchise was "struggling" and "it hasn't been smooth sailing."

"To characterize it, it depends on how you look at it," NEWS 9's Doug Warner said. "If you're from Seattle it's easy to say it's been a struggle. I don't think it's been a failure at all. The team did a little bit better than they did last year in Seattle. Attendance wise we were at 97 percent capacity, which I think puts us at 9th in the league. So, in that sense it's really done wonders here in Oklahoma City."

KONG-TV's anchor replied by saying it's been painted as a different picture in the Seattle area.

Thunder fans across the metro said the slanted story coming from Seattle is a lie. Some called call it jealousy while others said Seattle is behaving like a bitter-ex.

"You can look at the players and tell they finally have something to fight for," said Josh Dyer , a Thunder fan from Prague, Oklahoma. "They have a new hometown to fight for and yeah, Seattle is breaking down because they lost them. It's a sad thing for Seattle. They're whining and it's sad. They're like a broken up couple. They whine about each other for a while and then it's gone."

Meanwhile a reporter for The Seattle Times paid a visit to Oklahoma for the one year mark of the Thunder franchise in Oklahoma City and now he's catching a lot of heat for an article he wrote called "How I Learned to Kinda, Sorta like Oklahoma City"

The reporter admitted he came to Oklahoma City with the intentions of tearing it apart, but after being here for a while, he said he learned to like it, a lot.