By Jon Jordan, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Questions have arisen about whether the mother of the toddler drowned at Lake Stanley Draper could also face murder charges.

Two-year-old Allie Croom died after being drowned in Lake Stanley Draper last week. Allie's mother's boyfriend Donnie Reeser already faces murder charges.

From the beginning Allie's mother Amber Croom has told NEWS 9 she was too nervous to go on camera for fear she could be facing charges too, but she may have good reason to be worried.

When the drowning occurred, Amber Croom was the only other adult at Lake Stanley Draper. The big question looming is if her daughter was drowned intentionally by her boyfriend, was she involved somehow or could she have done more to prevent it.

"There's some real problems I think for the mother. She evidently was the only other adult there. She knew the background of the defendant in the case of Reeser," NEWS 9 legal analyst Irven Box said.

Box said Reeser's background is the key; if the boyfriend has a history of violence, which Donnie Reeser does, often times the mother can be charged with murder or child endangerment.

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