By Amy Lester, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A new old fashioned candy store opened up in Bricktown and the owner said it's recession proof.

A lot of people would think it's strange to open a business during these tough economic times. Not this business owner, he's found the sweet secret to success.

"For the recession proof industries, you're looking at candy, cigarettes, or tobacco and liquor," Bricktown Candy Company owner Justin Thomas said.

If your sweet tooth craves a chocolate crunch or a colorful chewy confection or some juicy jelly beans, the Bricktown Candy Company has something to make your tongue tingle.

Justin Thomas just opened the doors to his new business. He believes during a tough economy, it's the perfect time to launch a sugar-coated shop.

"Candy is what you would call recession proof, everybody wants a small way to feel better and sugar and candy do that for people," Thomas said.

Thomas should know, he was recently laid off. Now, he'll own and work in the store full time.

"With the layoff, I just took it as a perfect opportunity. It was one door closing, this was already opening, and it just so happened at the same time," the candy store owner said.

The candy's priced according to its weight, you can mix and match and pick up an old fashioned soda. Soon, they'll sell gelato. If day one's any indication, it looks like these tasty treats are a much needed attraction in Bricktown.

"Excited, very excited to finally come to this point where it's all coming to fruition. My dreams have come true," Thomas said.

The owner said he's open for suggestions on what types of candy to carry. He's already hearing plenty from his daughter. The Bricktown Candy Company is on Oklahoma Avenue, around the corner from the Bourbon Street Cafe, on the street level.