By Gan Matthews, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- An ATV park property dispute between neighbors has landed both sides in court.

The banks along the Canadian river between Lexington and Purcell have been a popular spot for ATV riders.

Warren Thomas, whose property runs along the Sundog trails ATV park, said the riders have been crossing onto his farm land and caused all kinds of damage.

"There is damage to our property and to the environment as well," Warren Thomas said. "And then of course to the extent that there are endangered species, they cannot do their nesting. They can't live in the habitat with that kind of activity."

Thomas filed a lawsuit against the ATV park to seek an injunction. Recently he asked the McClain County Sheriff's office to help keep ATVs off his property.

"We had a few people we invited to leave, which they did. There was no great big incidents," said Capt. Bill Shobe with the McClain County Sheriff's Office. "They just understood that they always could come down here and had been in the past, but they did leave."

Sundog trails' owner Greg Snow couldn't comment on the lawsuit, but said he has hired an attorney to defend his interests along the sometime murky property lines near the banks. In the meantime, Thomas put up "no trespassing" signs on his property but said they haven't done much good.

"They shot the sign, they have stolen them, and then you will see they have actually run over them and ruined them," Thomas said.

A judge asked both sides to solve their differences outside of court through mediation, but neither side has settled on a compromise.