By Rick Wells, for NEWS 9

MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma -- There's apparently a road runner that lives near the Muskogee County Courthouse. Most of the road runner sightings have been in the area around the court house.

"I thought it was crazy 'til I seen it myself," said Muskogee County Sheriff Charles Pearson.

Sheriff Pearson took a picture of the road runner on his cell phone. The bird was on the courthouse steps.

Deputy Faye Banks said she has seen him on the steps of the DA's office with a snake in its mouth.

There haven't been any unusual coyote sightings.

Joan Hueitt thought she could locate the road runner.

"He's usually right here in this area," Hueitt said.

After several failed attempts to locate the fast bird, he sprinted out down the alley. Then, he ducked into an old building and back out again.

Wonder why the road runner's running?

"He's got to have done something wrong to be running from us," said Muskogee County Sheriff Charles Pearson.

The bird curator at the Tulsa Zoo said although road runners are primarily southwestern birds, it is not unusual for them to live around here.