By Kirsten McIntyre, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A condemned home belonging to a deceased woman and her 30 cats will be demolished.

Last month, the body of Kitty Lewis was found in her home about three weeks after she had died.

Pictures taken at the home in Ski Island after the death of Lewis show its horrific state. Neighbors said the house was condemned several times beginning in 1996 but was never cleaned up.

For years, Lewis' neighbors said they tried to get her help but she refused it. They also said it was obvious Lewis was mentally ill, but again they couldn't get her help.

"We contacted city, county, state government. We've been to every form we can possibly think of to try to do something about this," said Jeff Lytle, Lewis' neighbor.

Oklahoma City officials said there was nothing they could have done.

"It's a tough situation. Unfortunately, this is a very sad situation. We can't step in and take over a situation particularly when people don't want help," said Oklahoma City City Manager Jim Couch.

The city council approved to demolish the home, but it won't happen until September since the city has to follow property rights laws.

Neighbors have asked to be notified 72 hours before it's torn down so they can leave due to health concerns.

Representative Danny Morgan announced he wants an investigation into why Kitty Lewis and others like her fall through the cracks