By Jacqueline Sit, NEWS 9

WOODWARD, Oklahoma - July 4, a patriotic holiday filled with fireworks is right around the corner, and for the people in Woodward that means a visit from former president George W. Bush.

The community of 12,000 is preparing for a large crowd at their July 4 celebration called "Let Freedom Ring 2009."

Landon Laubhan, the President of Let Freedom Ring 2009 said getting George W. Bush to come to Woodward is indescribable.

"I get a phone call and they said ‘Mr. Laubhan, President Bush has accepted. We'll see you on July 4,'" Laubhan recounted.

The former president will be giving a 40 minute speech. Tanya Tucker and Sawyer Brown will also make appearances during the holiday weekend.

Laubhan said they have had plenty of volunteers including calls from residents wanting to bake former president Bush a birthday cake or give him a gift.

Woodward Mayor Bill Fanning said his office is also getting calls from people wanting to park cars, distribute programs, anything they can do to help with this exciting patriotic event.

Ticket phone lines have also been busy as volunteers answer calls almost non-stop.

"We've had calls from every state, people coming in to enjoy this We've got people calling on from Japan ordering tickets," Laubhan said. "It just is really amazing what kind of a crowd a person like him can draw in and from how far."

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