By Dean Blevins, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Sports Illustrated cover boy Bryce Harper is not disappointing his fans while visiting Oklahoma. The Las Vegas phenomenon went 6 for 6 with two home runs in his debut Monday at Westmoore High School.

The streak continues for Harper.

At his first at bat, he hit a solo home run to right, totally 3 home runs in 7 Oklahoma at bats.

He then went 2 for 4 with the home run.

Westmoore beat Putnam City West, 8-0 in a run rule.

The teen chose to visit Oklahoma and play with Westmoore to escape the recent increase of media coverage in Las Vegas.

"I love oklahoma baseball, it's great out here. I get challenged a lot more out here. All the kids, they're good. They like to challenge everybody and see what they can do against each other," Harper said. "Westmoore is a great school, a great program."

Harper plans on earning his GED and attend a junior college in Nevada where his brother plays baseball.

On Thursday, the 16-year-old suited up with Westmoore for a second time, earning the team a double to right center that scored a run. Later in the game, he stole second base.

Scouts predicted Harper could have been a top-five pick in Monday's MLB draft if he was eligible.