Kirsten McIntyre, NEWS 9

PIEDMONT, Oklahoma - A Piedmont wrestling coach is once again under investigation for allegedly having sexually relationships with students.

The coach is now facing charges of sodomy and rape of a 17-year-old female Piedmont High School student.

Steven Cardenas was a wrestling coach at Clinton High School in 2003, but resigned after being accused of having improper relations with a female student.

"Through our investigation it was determined that there was insufficient evidence to establish a crime had been committed," said Chief David Crabtree of Clinton Police Department.

No criminal charges were filed, but a resignation letter showed Cardenas abruptly quit his job on February 12, 2003.

"He was employed sometime around 2000 and sometime around 2003 he resigned," said Perry Adams, former superintendent of Clinton Public Schools. "His resignation letter speaks for itself."

In the letter, Cardenas agrees to never seek employment in any capacity with the Clinton School District.

"Any time any superintendent, administration school board, any time there is any indiscretion we think crossed the line, we think is illegal, then it's always turned over to police," Adams said.

Crabtree said without substantial evidence the relationship was difficult to prove.

"Sometimes in these types of situations when we don't have any physical evidence to go off of, we do have to have some cooperation from the victim or the suspect admitting to the crime," Crabtree said. "Was there insufficient evidence because the victim didn't want to cooperate? Yes."

Piedmont School Superintendent Mike Hyatt said he could not comment on whether he was aware of Cardenas' former accusation, as it is a personnel issue.