By Dave Jordan, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Many Oklahoma residents are angry after pictures surfaced of actress Jessica Alba pasting pictures of sharks across Oklahoma City.

As an animal activist, Jessica Alba is known for trying to bring attention to the growing concern of the Great White Shark population.

"It's just disappointing. We want Oklahoma City to be beautiful and not an eyesore," said Kristy Yager, spokeswoman for Oklahoma City. "This just causes problems."

Yager first heard about the shark posters Monday morning, as pictures of Alba surfaced online.

In the pictures, she's seen wrapping up utility boxes and proclaiming victory with shark pictures over a United Way poster.

Many people are not only offended by what they call vandalism on their city, but are confused by Alba's tactics.

"I couldn't tell what it was," resident Steve Brinkley said. "It looked like a vandalized poster of sharks."

United Way was one organization caught in the crossfire. It must now shell out about $235 for a new billboard.

"I don't feel like Jessica Alba raised my awareness any," said Rachel Klein of United Way. "It is an inconvenience for the United Way, especially going into our summer and fall campaigns. We do want our Live United message out there."

Messages left for Alba's representatives were not returned.

Yager said the city spends about $200,000 a year cleaning up graffiti and vandalism, which is classified as a crime.

A police report on Jessica Alba's actions has not been filed.

Alba was in Oklahoma filming "The Killer Inside Me."