Staff and Wire Reports

OKLAHOMA CITY - Authorities have arrested two people, including a 14-year-old boy, in connection with an attempted pharmacy robbery that left another teen dead and a pharmacist facing first-degree murder charges.

Oklahoma County Sheriff's deputies arrested the teen at 706 NE 26 Street in Oklahoma City at about 1 p.m. after he was seen standing outside an apartment complex. The teen ran when he noticed the deputies and jumped out a window of an apartment.

Police say the teen is the second suspect in the May 19 robbery of the Reliable Pharmacy in south Oklahoma City.

During the robbery, pharmacist Jerome Ersland shot at the two would-be robbers. Ersland fatally shot 16-year-old Antwun Parker and the second suspect was able to safely flee the scene. Ersland was charged with Parker's murder on Wednesday.

Oklahoma City police arrested 31-year-old Emanuel Dewayne Mitchell earlier on a complaint of possessing a stolen car. Court documents indicate a witness followed the robbers' getaway car.

The second teen suspect is being held in the juvenile detention center on a complaint of attempted armed robbery.

The teen's mother, Natasha Spigner, made her son face the consequences.

"I told my son, you know we're not going to run," Spigner said. "We're going to face our responsibilities. My baby is 14-years-old. My baby goes to school faithfully, my baby's an honor roll student. If they weren't encouraged by these older people that were involved, it wouldn't have happened."

Spigner believes Mitchell is the person who started the terrible chain of events. Still, she said the pharmacist did go too far.

"He probably was upset, didn't want to get robbed no more," Spigner said. "I understand that, but he didn't have to kill that baby like that."

Spigner said she doesn't want people to judge her son.

"My son made a mistake. Antwun made a mistake, just like that pharmacist," Spigner said. "He made a mistake when he shot that many times."