Recipe Name: Banana Cake
Prep Time and Total Time: about 20-30 min prep. Total time maybe 45 to an hour Ingredient List and Recipe Steps:  1Box yellow or white cake mix
6-8 overripe bananas

Prepare cake mix as usual. Mash bananas.
Pour the cake mix layers in circular 8-9 inch pans, greased and flowered lightly.
Dip about a soup ladel of cake mix into pans. Bake as usual.
Watch closely it will not take long. when those are finished set them a aside and continue with rest of cake mix.

When finished with all layers, then start to assemble with the bananas.

Put a cake layer on plate and ice with the bananas. Do this until you have used all layers and bananas. Cover with plastic wrap and chill. I prefer overnight.

cake will be very moist. To serve cut into thin slices.

Servings: It will serve several people depending on how thick you cut your slices

Comments: The thinner you get you cake layers the better. The ripper the bananas are the better the cake is!