Recipe from Crystal Wesselman of Delphi, Ind.

Prep Time:  5-10 min
Total Time:  1 hr 40 min

1lb package (20oz.)Sweet Ital. sausage
1 medium red or yellow onion
1 28oz can of Tomato Sauce
1 6oz can of Tomato Paste
1 lb box of Rigatoni pasta
1 Bay leaf
1 tsp Italian Seasonings
1/2 tsp Rosemary (dry)
1/2 tsp Thyme, dried
1/2 tsp Basil, dried
1-2 Garlic cloves, minced
pinch of salt&pepper
Dash of Garlic salt
1/2 lb package of Baby carrots
1 Tbsp Olive oil

1.  Pour olive oil in a large pan or stockpot and brown sausage on both sides. Cut sausage in half and add Tomato sauce and Tomato paste; blend together.

2.  Turn heat to low and add all spices; stir into sauce.  Peel onion and cut off each end.  Then cut across one end of the onion for absorbing the sauce.  Place in the middle of pan, spoon sauce over the top.

3.  Lastly, add the baby carrots and simmer on low, stirring 2-3 times, for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Cook Rigatoni according to directions on package.

4.  Add pasta to sauce when all is done. Don't forget to bake some garlic bread to top it all off!

Yield:  4-6 Servings

Comments:  Enjoy, my family loves this recipe!