Q:  Will NEWS 9 or News9.com provide me with a downloadable file to share videos?

A:  No.  While you can make a request to buy a DVD copy of a story,  News9.com or The NEWS 9 will not provide a downloadable copy of anything on air or produced for the website.  For more information on this policy, click here.

Q:  Does anything provided on this website cost to sign up for?

A:  No, Everything is FREE!  While News9.com will ask for your information, you are not obligated to pay for any sign-up list on the site.  The only required information for the sign-up lists is email and zip code.

Q:  I cannot watch any videos on the site.  What's wrong?

A:  There are two options to check.

  • If the video player in the upper right corner of your screen is not working, click here to troubleshoot your Adobe Flash player settings. You could need the newest version of the Adobe Flash player.
  • If the pop-up video player is not working, click here to troubleshoot Windows Media Player. The best way to install the latest version of Windows Media Player is to go directly through the ‘Windows Update' process, located in the Tools menu of Internet Explorer.

Q:  My I-News is not functioning correctly.  What's wrong?

A:  Click here to troubleshoot the I-News application.

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Q:  Where do I find links mentioned on NEWS 9 broadcasts?

A:   Click here to find the latest links featured on NEWS 9.

Q:   I want to learn more about a reporter or anchor.  Where can I locate that?

A:  Click here to view bios of your favorite anchors and reporters!  On their individual pages you can contact each reporter and anchor with any questions, news tips, or speaking event requests.  An associate from NEWS 9 or News9.com will contact you as soon as your question/request from the person is answered!

Q:   How do I find past stories?

A:  When on News9.com, there is a search bar in the upper right corner that will help you locate any past story that currently lives in our archive.
If you are unable to find the story using the search tool, try "Browsing The Story Archive".  To browse our archive, simply go to the Home Page, scroll to the bottom, and click within the box that says ‘Browse Our Story Archive".  From there, you can check individual days to search for a story.

Q:  Where do I find specific contests or promotions?

A:  All current promotions can be found under the ‘NEWS 9' tab, labeled Contests. Click here to visit that page!

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Q:  How do I send a photo or video to be used on air?

A:  To send a photo or video, simply sign up on our FREE YouNewsTV page and follow the instructions on the screen.

If chosen, your photo or video could be used for on-air broadcasts!

Q:  Where can I see the TV schedule?

A:  Click here to visit the current TV schedule for NEWS 9.

Q:  Where do I find video of a segment that aired on NEWS 9?

A:  To view all videos from everything related to NEWS 9, click here to visit the Video page.  From there, you can view all videos News9.com has to offer!

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