By Stacey Cameron, NEWS 9

One month ago, a ten year-old boy, suddenly and without explanation, passed out and slipped into a coma. His grandparents prepared for the worst, but now they're preparing to celebrate Christmas with a young man being called a miracle.

Casey Amend is in the third grade at Harvest Hills Elementary. One day his heart simply stopped beating while he was standing in the hall outside his principal's office.

"I just fell down like that and passed out," Casey said.

Casey's grandmother, Cecilia Amend, was one of the first people to show up at the school.

She watched paramedics try to save her grandson's life.

"His eyes weren't opening or anything," Cecilia said. "You always see this happening to somebody else or on television and they come around you know. So it was very hard."

Dr. Darin Brannan of the Children's Center explained that Casey had an arrhythmia that resulted in his heart stopping.

His heart stopped for over an hour.

Casey spent two weeks in a hospital intensive care unit in a coma before going to Children's Center. After three weeks being unconscious, Casey woke up, and miraculously started talking.

 "It's a miracle, because nobody expected this," said Cecilia "The only explanation is God has a plan for Casey. He said I love you grandma, and it was the most beautiful words in the world. Every day since has just got better and better."

Better because Casey's miracle means this young man will be home with his family on Christmas, Casey's favorite day of the year.

Casey's doctor said medically he can't explain Casey's recovery other than to agree with grandma and call it a Christmas miracle. Doctors are now talking about fitting Casey with a pace maker. They say he's recovering well enough to someday go home and back to school.