By Melissa Maynarich, NEWS 9

Dr. Susan Hakel uses her own time and resources to help children in need. And, if their families need help, too, she doesn't turn them away.

A pioneering doctor in free health care, Dr. Hakel helps treat those who have no health insurance. Once a month she visits Horace Mann Elementary School to perform free clinics for children and their families and anyone else who is in need.

"It's a transient neighborhood. It has a lot of people who are in dire social situations and I was happy to be able to pitch in a little bit," said Dr. Hakel.

Free clinics are just the latest venture by this socially conscious doctor. Before she was mending the uninsured, she was helping around the elementary school's grounds for the last 15 years. She would tutor, get books, and even help carpet classrooms to help build the esteem and the appearance of Horace Mann.

"When we first started working with this school, it was a shabby. little inner city school, and now it's a showplace," she said.

Hakel continued on to do what she does best, practice medicine. And for that, Dr. Hakel is making a big difference in her community.

"She is a person who is delighted to bring her skills, and apply them in this particular community," said Judy Jones, Horace Mann's principal.

The free clinics at Horace Mann elementary are the last Thursday of every month. And Dr. Hakel said so far, it's been a brisk business.