Convicted Killer Asks For New Trial, Argues Misconduct Between Judge & Prosecutor

Wednesday, October 13th 2021, 5:02 pm
By: Storme Jones


An Oklahoma City man convicted of murdering a 94-year-old woman is asking for a new trial.

Court documents filed on behalf of convicted murderer Robert Hashagen claim an alleged extramarital affair between former District Judge Tim Henderson and a prosecutor on the case left him with an unfair trial.

Earlier this year, jurors found Hashagen, a former police officer, guilty in the 2013 killing of his 94-year-old neighbor, Evenly Goodall.

Cold case investigators told the court DNA evidence left at the victim's home tied him to the scene.

Hashagen's attorney maintains his client’s innocence.

“If a man can be convicted and sentenced to die in prison at a trial before a judge and prosecutor who were literally in bed togethers, then no citizen of Oklahoma can or should expect to get a fair trial in any Oklahoma County,” attorney James Lockard wrote in a motion for a new trial.

Hashangen is not the first person convicted in Henderson's court to use the former judge's alleged sex scandal to request a new trial.

Convicted drug dealer Aaron Fort was sentenced to 23 years in prison in 2020 and is appealing his verdict on similar grounds.

The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals ordered a lower court to collect facts regarding the alleged affair between the former judge and one of the prosecutors on the Hashagen case.

According to two of the three women who have come forward with allegations against the former judge, Henderson was a mentor figure who later began to grope and kiss the new attorneys.

An attorney for Henderson said the affairs were consensual.

Henderson served as a district judge for nine years and oversaw the state's multi-county grand jury.