Downtown Broken Arrow Transforms For Nationally-Televised ‘Rumble In The Rose District'

Friday, September 24th 2021, 10:12 pm
By: Kristen Weaver

BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma -

Hundreds of people filled downtown Broken Arrow for a globally-broadcast boxing match in the middle of the street: the Rumble in the Rose District.

There was a ring right in the middle of Main Street Friday night, with nearly 400 reserved seats and hundreds more people standing out to watch for a big night of boxing in Broken Arrow.

As the stage went up, and the lights turned on, everyone rolled with the punches.

“ShoBox saw this beautiful downtown area and said we're coming back,” said Brent Brassfield, the city’s Rose District coordinator. 

Brassfield said workers only had only a few weeks to put this whole production together, but they were up for the fight.

The city hosted Rumble in the Rose in 2019, but it had to be indoors due to weather. This year, it’s out on the streets.

“This is a worldwide telecast, the excitement, the energy level is there,” said Brassfield.

People filled up seats to watch seven fights, and those who didn’t buy tickets gathered outside the gates to get a glimpse. Restaurants got in the ring too, reserving tables for people to watch, and offering food and drinks curbside.

“There's a big boxing area in the street,” said Bryan Saygnaphay. “It's crazy out here, all the restaurants are set up to have a good time.”

Andolini’s Bar Manager Bryan Saygnaphay set up pizza by the slice and beer by the glass. He said this is bigger than anyone imagined.

“To show the world BA is pretty cool,” he said.

Showtime is broadcasting three of the fights to a worldwide audience.

“It’s cool we have such a beautiful evening,” said Terry Kimmel. “It'll make the world see how great of a town BA is.”

Brassfield said they're hoping for a knockout night with a big boom in business for Broken Arrow.

“Excitement, energy, a good time. It’s not a fight, it’s an experience,” Brassfield said.

The city said it had to take everything down by 4 a.m. to make way for a classic car show the next day.