2nd Person Wanted In Connection With Shooting Death Of Robbery Suspect At Harkins Theatre

Friday, September 24th 2021, 6:20 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce


Oklahoma City police issued an arrest warrant on Friday for a second person wanted for murder in a botched robbery attempt in Bricktown. Police said 22-year-old Travis Prince was shot and killed outside Harkins Theatre in August by a man he was allegedly trying to rob.

Investigators said the robbery victim was defending himself and another person when he shot Prince.

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Police are holding Prince’s two accomplices responsible for his death.

The investigation started two months ago when police were called to a shooting outside the movie theatre. Patrons were leaving when they learned the robbery turned deadly.

“That’s actually scary,” said Mary Jane Gonzalez, movie theatre patron. “Like just an ordinary day and that happens. You wouldn’t expect that to happen.”

Court documents show Prince, 15-year-old Jerin Garrett and 39-year-old Heather Said planned the robbery earlier in the evening. Said, who is now wanted for murder, told investigators they were driving around in her car and parked near the theatre. The woman admitted to police she gave Prince and Garrett the gun to use in the hold-up. 

Police learned Prince and Garrett cased the theatre for victims for about an hour and returned to the car. Said told police they left again and about 45 minutes later she heard gunshots and saw Prince fall to the ground.

“It appears there was a couple walking near the theatre when they were approached by a man who was armed with a gun,” said MSgt. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department. “The man who was armed pointed the gun at the male and demanded his belongings.”

The tables quickly turned when the robbery victim pulled out a gun and shot Prince. Police said Garrett was with him and ran from the scene. Investigators filed a robbery and murder warrant for Garrett last week and most recently they issued an arrest warrant for Said. 

Garrett has not been formally charged by the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office and because he is a juvenile, he is not in custody at the Oklahoma County Detention Center.