Oklahoma's Lynn Institute On Frontline Of Helping With COVID Vaccine Booster Trials

Wednesday, September 22nd 2021, 5:13 pm
By: Ashley Holden


One local research institute is running several trials focusing on COVID-19 vaccine booster shots.

Some will concentrate on a booster specifically for mutations like the deadly Delta variant.

"The more variants, the more mutations that we see in the coronavirus, the less effective the vaccines are going to be," said CEO and President of the Lynn Institute Carlos Blanco.

Blanco said that's why variant boosters could prove to be very important.

"So we need to show our body, 'hey, there's been an update in the virus; here's what you are looking for now,'" said Blanco.

He said the process of making a vaccine that would target these different variants is somewhat simple.

"It's really not very difficult, and it's not difficult because you are just updating the mRNA in the vaccine," said Blanco. "Because, remember, the vaccine is just teaching your immune system what to look for."

Right now at the Lynn Institute, they are running trials for Moderna booster shots. Blanco said they still have room in the studies but participants have to be six months out from their second dose of Moderna's two-shot COVID vaccine.

Even though the Moderna trials are what the Lynn Institute is helping with, it's not the only company testing boosters targeting the new variants.

"Pfizer is completing their variant booster trials, and they are anticipating having some results probably within the next 30 to 45 days or so," said Blanco. "Moderna is well underway with their boosters, so we can anticipate that hopefully the boosters will be here by the middle of winter."

Blanco told News 9 if there's still a large group of people that are unvaccinated, people may have to get more variant booster shots down the line.

For now, the shots being studied could protect us from variants that are right around the corner.

"This update, this variant booster, I think it will protect us for several variants down the road," said Blanco.

If you are interested in participating in the institute's trials happening now in Norman and Oklahoma City, call 405-447-8839 or click here to visit their website.