Warr Acres Police Investigating Multiple ATM Burglaries

Thursday, September 16th 2021, 4:18 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce

WARR ACRES, Oklahoma -

Warr Acres police said Thursday that thieves are targeting ATMs in their city. According to officials, two ATMs were hit only weeks apart, both at MidFirst Bank locations.

It appeared the thieves busted the money machines open and took off with thousands in cash.

Investigators were able to obtain video from a home across the street from a MidFirst Bank near Northwest 39th and MacArthur Boulevard.

During the early morning hours of Sept. 6, a white truck was caught on camera casing the bank and then pulled into the parking lot. Police said the suspects attached straps and tow hooks to the ATM and the truck to pry the machine open.

Minutes later, a car pulled up and two shadows could be seen getting into the car.

“Officers arrived on that scene and again located at ATM that was heavily damaged,” Warr Acres Police Department Major John Gray said.

According to a search warrant, officers found about $1,500 scattered on the ground by the ATM and said the suspects got away with approximately $49,000 in cash.

The white Ford F-350 used in the burglary was left at the scene. Investigators later learned the truck was reported stolen from a home in northwest Oklahoma City the day before the break-in.

Investigators believe more evidence was left in the truck.

“That includes fingerprints, DNA swabs,” Gray said. “Anything material-wise, that may be left in the car by the suspects.”

Exactly two weeks earlier, Warr Acres police were called to another ATM break-in.

“At approximately 3:00 in the morning officers were dispatched to the MidFirst Bank located at 63rd and MacArthur,” Gray said. “When they arrived, they noticed one of the ATMs was heavily damaged. Evidence at the scene led officers to believe maybe a vehicle was involved.”

Much like the other burglary, even the truck was similar.  

“It’s happening a lot,” Gray said. “We don’t really have information at this point that’s going to connect them all.”