OCCHD Officials Urge Oklahomans To Get The Vaccine As Demand For It Drops

Wednesday, April 7th 2021, 5:01 pm
By: Erica Rankin


The Oklahoma City-County Health Department and several other partners hosted a major vaccination POD on Wednesday at the state fairgrounds.

The POD had the ability to accept 10,000 appointments, but heading into the day, there were only 4,800 appointments scheduled.

OCCHD officials said they have seen a lag in people signing up to get the vaccine recently due to numerous reasons like hesitancy.

“I think it is like anything else,” said Dr. Patrick McGough, the executive director of the OCCHD. “When it is novel and new, everyone feels like I have to run out and get it, but now that it is available, I think they are feeling less of an urgency. But time is of the essence.”

McGough said he wants Oklahomans to realize that they can’t go wrong with getting any one of the three choices.

“This is the science,” said McGough. “It is safe and it is one of the most effective. When you talk about a vaccine that has 95 to 98% efficacy, that in itself is amazing.”

Recently, some PODs, like IMMY's 14,000 capacity POD and Wednesday’s 10,000 capacity POD, haven’t been filling up.

“Now, we are seeing the folks who aren’t really sure if they really want to take one or maybe there is some hesitancy,” said McGough.

Myths like the vaccine could make women infertile or that the vaccine gives you COVID-19 are just some of the myths health care professionals like McGough hope they can debunk to help people feel safe about getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Click here to make a COVID-19 vaccine appointment through the Oklahoma City-County Health Department.