Investigators Say OKC Metro Teacher Acted In Self-Defense When She Pulled Gun On Teen

Friday, April 2nd 2021, 6:49 pm
By: Brittany Toolis

A viral video shows a mom pulling a gun on a teen.

The clip is less than 10 seconds long. However, the police report detailing what took place has more than five pages of information.

The video shows a teen in a yellow shirt fighting with another teenage victim in a white shirt. The video then shows a woman, who has also been identified as a Westmoore High School teacher, appear from behind a vehicle with a gun in her hand. The woman points the gun and the teen in yellow is seen turning and running away from the scene. 

Video shows the woman follow him for a few steps before re-holstering her weapon.

That woman was later identified as victim's mom. She called police immediately after the suspect drove off.

The victim is the teacher's son. According to the police report, he was attacked on his way to a restaurant. 

The victim told police he saw the suspect and another teen in a red pickup truck on his walk. The suspects then threatened him and said, "we'll come back for you." The victim also told officers he knew the pair through a mutual friend.

Scared after the alleged threat, the teen went into the restaurant and called his mom to pick him up. He saw his mom's vehicle and went outside. That's when the report says the suspects arrived out of nowhere.

The woman told police the suspect in the yellow shirt hit the victim in the face and continued to punch and kick the victim.

The report said the victim's mom yelled at the suspect, telling him to stop and get off her son. The woman told police that’s when the suspect looked at her in her eyes and continued to hit her son. She then pulled out her gun, which is where the video picks up. 

The suspects allegedly threatened the victim's mom with the clip, saying they'd use it to get her fired from Westmoore High School.

The police report said the victim had bumps, bruises, and cuts, but will be OK. Investigators said the woman pulled her gun in self-defense and is facing no charges.

They are still looking for the suspects involved.