Recipe from Patricia Carruolo of Cranston, R.I.


Any type of steak, thin cut, portion sizes

Seasoned breadcrumbs

Salt, pepper and garlic powder

Eggs (beaten)


Put breadcrumbs in a bowl and season to your liking.

Put eggs in a bowl and beat. You may season the eggs with salt, pepper and garlic powder.

Take one piece of steak and dip into the egg mixture, making sure you cover the whole piece of steak.

Put piece of steak into the breadcrumbs. Cover entire piece of steak with breadcrumbs.

Place steak on a cookie sheet. (I usually spray cookie sheet with Pam.)

Repeat for each piece of steak.

Once all the steak is breaded and on the cookie sheet, place a pat of butter on each piece.

Bake steak at 350 degrees until you see the outside of the steak crusty. (Cook time will be determined on the thickness of the steak you choose. )

I usually make a side dish of sauteed mushrooms and peppers.

Patricia comments: I am a single mom of three children and this recipe lets me stretch our steak.