Republican Voters To Decide On Tulsa County Treasurer

Saturday, February 6th 2021, 1:39 pm
By: Emory Bryan


Republicans will pick Tulsa County’s next Treasurer, in a winner-take-all primary Tuesday, February 9 as Democrats and Independents are ineligible to vote.

There are other elections in Tulsa County next Tuesday, specific to cities or school districts, but the only County-wide race is the special election for treasurer, to complete the unexpired term of Dennis Semler. The only two candidates are Republicans after a Democrat filed and then withdrew before the filing period was over. That leaves the closed Republican primary as the election to decide the race, and also leaves Democrats and Independents without a choice in deciding the winner.

State Representative Andy Fugate, of Del City, a Democrat and Minority Floor Leader, has proposed a bill to change Oklahoma’s election laws so primary races would not determine the outcome of an election.

“The decision is made before the general election, and as a result, a lot of the people don’t have an opportunity to vote. I think that’s un-American” said Fugate.

House Bill 1844 would have the top two candidates from a primary advance to the general election if there is no other party with a candidate in the primary. The bill is scheduled to go before a legislative committee Tuesday, the same day as the election in Tulsa County that will have Republicans only voting on the next County Treasurer.