Some Hotels Allow Guests To Use Rooms As Offices

Wednesday, October 28th 2020, 12:48 pm
By: CBS News

Hotels are seeing a drop in business with people traveling less during the pandemic. The industry is trying to attract customers to use their rooms in new ways, like as an office.

Hilton is one of several chains allowing customers to use rooms during the day. Guests can check in as early as 7 a.m. and leave eight hours later. Amenities include breakfast, lunch, WiFi, access to a gym and even an afternoon cocktail.

Ann McGovern is taking advantage of the opportunity at a Hilton Hotel in New York City.

She lives in the area, but goes to the Conrad New York Downtown in Manhattan to find peace and quiet to conduct Zoom calls.

"Just the quiet, less distractions, less feeling like you have to do other things because you're at home and you’re trying to multitask. This just allows me to be able to focus, attend my meetings, be present for them," McGovern said.

The Hamilton Hotel in Washington, D.C., has a similar deal, offering customers a room to work in and a bit of relaxation at the same time.

"We'll do a shoeshine for you while you're there if you want to kick off your shoes, obviously free of charge," Mark Driscoll, the managing director of Hamilton Hotel, said. "We want to think of everything, including, you know, there's a bed there, so you could take a nap if you are going between large business trips."

The new deals are also helping fill more rooms with most travel still on hold.

The Hilton Conrad's General Manager Marlene Poynder said safety is a priority. Rooms are disinfected and all employees wear masks.

"The clean stay environment that we have in the suites and as you enter the hotel make people feel incredibly comfortable," Roynder said.

Hotels are working to expand the business of hospitality to a new kind of business traveler.