Man Found Guilty Of Murder In Connection With Missing Woman's Case

Monday, October 26th 2020, 3:58 pm
By: News 9

A man was found guilty of murder Monday in connection with a case of missing woman in southwest Oklahoma City.

David Shores was found guilty of first-degree murder and possession of a stolen credit card. A third count has not been decided.

Shores was accused of violently killing his girlfriend, Susan Freehauf, in September 2018. Though her body was never found, investigators zeroed in on Shores.

During the trial last week, prosecutors presented jurors with security footage showing Shores loading boxes and bags from Freehauf’s car into an Oklahoma City storage unit.

While Freehauf's body was never found, crime scene investigators found spots where blood at soaked through the padding and the concrete.

The spots were confirmed to be blood and a DNA analyst determined the blood was from Freehauf. Investigators think Shores tried to clean up the blood.

The medical examiner testified the blood stains were consistent with a serious injury that could have led to death.

The jury recommended life in prison without parole for the murder conviction and one year and $1,000 fine for the possession of a stolen credit card.

Instead of visiting Disney World this month for their family's yearly vacation, Freehauf's loved ones spent the day at the Oklahoma County courthouse. The family got the verdict they wanted but it did not come without tears.

Defense attorneys argued in closing arguments that Freehauf's death could have been the result of an accident, she disappeared or faked suicide.

Despite not having a body, prosecutors said Shores' words and actions left all the evidence they needed to prove he violently murdered Freehauf in September 2018, tried to clean up the evidence and then hid her body.

“The Freehauf family has been through things we can’t imagine,” said Gayland Gieger of Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office. “To this day we still don’t know where Susan is. The police department worked tirelessly to find her and hopefully someday she will be found so the family can have that last bit of peace.”

Shores' attorneys said they plan to appeal the guilty murder verdict. His formal sentencing will be in December.